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Seeking UX/FRONT-END WEB DEVELOPER ROLE, preferably in the field of social justice, civil rights, bettering education or justice systems, and/or creative, large-scale marketing

While we have been a small business serving a myriad of clients since 1999, I am just one person. So I thought I might share a bit about myself here.

In retrospect, my degrees in psychology and social work have been a staggering fit for web design and development. This background has given key insights on user experience (UX), what helps web users have memorable and easeful experiences, and to anticipate clients' needs and reactions to new technology.

My love of art, math, science, and technology tie in well with my love of humanity, civil and human rights, critical race theory, and working to make the world a better place.

For the first 10 years in business, I operated LiquidClay as you might expect a small business to be run... I did the marketing, client procurement, accounting and billing, as well as the web design and development, customer service, and sometimes teaching (to several customers to maintain their own websites once they were built). And then, since 2009, I started consulting full-time for several large clients. This work has tended to be on a team and/or working on a non-public site – which makes portfolio presentations a bit trickier, but I'll do my best here.

As far as technical skillset, I have focused on UX since before it had a name. I specialize in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and graphics. The Adobe Suite has been a constant in my career, along with a variety of other softwares. I have been the ADA/508 compliance expert in my last several consulting roles; monitor analytics; create, edit, and organize content; and utilize a user-centered, mobile-first approach to design. My goal has always been to hear what users need and meet, if not exceed, those requisites. I learn quickly and am eager to absorb new things.

Now, as I consider a new endeavor, my aim is to be more purposeful in my work, to tie in my love of social justice and making positive change with the love of technology and creating meaningful experiences through the web.

Take a look through a small sampling of the tailor-made sites listed below. For additional links or information, please email.

Florida Department of Health
2017 - present

Florida Department of Health

Florida Department of Health logo

UI Web Applications Programmer

The Florida Department of Health's HMS team manages, develops, and maintains the all-encompassing web application used by healthcare providers throughout the State of Florida. A sizeable team of nurses, analysts, programmers, testers, and administrators work together to provide a seamless experience for practitioners, meeting ever-changing needs, as well as the collection and maintenance of high volumes of medical data.

In its nearly 30 years of operation, this team had not had a UI, UX, or graphics specialist as part of the team. The entire application is now under a major aesthetics and structural overhaul. The look and feel have been completely updated, and the CSS, HTML structure, ADA requirements, and functionality have all been updated to modern standards. This position focuses on user experience throughout the application, content organization, overall look and feel, responsiveness, usability, and efficiency. The role includes daily use of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, IBM Studio, and Jazz Team Server.

Goose & Al - Fine Art for the People

Goose & Al - Fine Art for the People

Goose & Al - Fine Art for the People logo

Goose & Al is a brand new, small family-run art business. They produce marbled acrylic and resin paintings, as well as small resin pieces for sale.

This company is just getting started. Logo development was first, and their Instagram page was recently launched. A full-scale e-commerce website is in the planning phases.

TECT Corporation
2016 - 2017

TECT Corporation

Senior Web Developer

The TECT Corporation is a manufacturing company focusing on producing both power and machine components. The facility in Thomasville, Georgia, produces large-scale airplane parts in an expansive manufacturing plant. The corporate offices are also housed in this location, including the small IT team that supports it.

This was a full-time contract position as lead developer on the company’s intranet site, as well as development of numerous business-related modules and metrics pages. The role included development of cumbersome dashboards developed to display within the factory and alert workers to the efficiency of production, machine status, and numerous other related metrics. The work utilized HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Visual Studio, DNN Software, and Photoshop.

Florida Lottery
2009 - 2016

Florida Lottery

Florida Lottery logo

Lead Web Team Developer

The Florida Lottery is a State agency serving Florida. They run the state's lottery system and host the national Powerball drawings. They earn nearly $7 billion annually in sales, and the website is well-visited, receiving over 23 million visits per month.

This role included working with a team of programmers and Graphics, Marketing, and Communications departments. The position focused on:

  • Two new redesigns of the main website
  • Redesign and updated organization of the smaller Second Chance website
  • Development of a fully-responsive site, addition of online video presence, more effective Internet marketing and online outreach to players
  • Lead specialist for ADA/508 compliance of the Lottery’s online presence
  • Google Analytics – Established website tracking, interpretation of data, and creation of monthly report on website traffic
  • Participated in successful rebranding of the Lottery, with focus on an updated image and brand consistency, both internally and for the public
  • Trained other employees in various departments to use a range of software and online services to better reach their end goals
  • Earned the Davis Productivity Award for aesthetic and functional improvements to the Lottery’s online retailer portal
Tallahassee Land Company
2004 - 2009

Tallahassee Land Company

Tallahassee Land Company, Inc. offers a wide variety of real estate services including commercial brokerage, land development, and investment opportunities in Florida and Georgia.

The company was in need of an online presence that more accurately reflected their professional image in the real estate world. The new site highlighted hot properties, developments, and information about the company's rich history. The website design was a nice collaboration with the office staff, and they were able to grow their sales and utilize this site for many years.

JFH Realty
2000 - 2007

JFH Realty

JFH Realty is a local, medium-sized real estate firm serving Tallahassee and surrounding areas. Before we started working together, they were operating without any online presence.

Work with this real estate company over the years included the development of two websites, as well as work with office staff to train and dually maintain the existing website. The company was exceptionally pleased with the volume of business that was generated through their websites.

FAMU College of Engineering, Technology, and Agriculture
2001 - 2004

FAMU College of Engineering, Technology, and Agriculture

"CESTA" was the land-grant arm of Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. They put the "A&M" in FAMU.

Working with CESTA included the development of their website twice and many close relationships formed over the years. Working with the Dean and communications staff, we built websites that featured academic, research, and cooperative extension programs, as well as personal profiles for over 70 faculty and staff members. An up-to-date calendar of events, student opportunities, and important forms were available for web users. We took photos for their annual Grape Harvest Festival and several other events. From these relationships, we also built several separate research websites for faculty members, as well as a personal site for the Dean.

Cabello's Hair and Nail Salon
2002 - 2008

Cabello's Hair and Nail Salon

Cabello's is Tallahassee's premier salon and spa, featuring hair design, color, manicures & pedicures, and waxing. At the company's launch in 2002, we began a close working relationship with the development and maintanence of their online presence.

The company's energy and elegance is portrayed through this interactive, all-Flash website. Services, products, and the studio itself are discussed in detail, and gorgeous photos grace each page. Visitors can choose between five music selections, view photos of the studio, and even make their salon appointments online.

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University PHEREC
2007 - 2008

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University PHEREC

FAMU's Public Health Entomology Research and Education Center (PHEREC) is a research center based in Panama City, Florida.

PHEREC was in need of an online presence and a way to reach a much wider audience. Their website was modeled after their parent site, CESTA, and included faculty profiles and ample information about past and ongoing research.

FSU School of Music

FSU School of Music

Since their accreditation over ninety years ago, the Florida State University School of Music has been one of the most comprehensive and well-respected music schools in the nation.

The large amount of information presented in their website was organized to target a wide variety of web users, including current and prospective students, faculty, and the public. The overall appearance of the site was revamped to more accurately compliment the School's outstanding quality and reputation. The homepage featured a large rotating banner with crisp, detailed photos, and the rest of the site included a mammoth amount of content.

Bobby Phills Foundation
2003 - 2007

Bobby Phills Foundation

The Bobby Phills Educational Awareness Foundation works to promote and develop educational awareness among children who have traditionally been underserved. The organization stresses the parallel importance of athletics and academic achievement.

The new website helped to portray the balance needed between athletics and academics, and it gives a personal look at the life of late Bobby R. Phills, II of the Charlotte Hornets. It included details and sign ups for fundraising events and community involvement as well.

Epicurean Delights
2002 - 2006

Epicurean Delights

Epicurean Delights is a catering and event planning business serving the Houston, Texas area.

The website presents a classy, relaxed, and elegant feel. It includes menu selections, the company background, a featured recipe, and contact information. We added background music that was custom composed especially for the website.

FSU College of Social Work, Online Training Program
2003 - 2008

FSU College of Social Work, Online Training Program

The Clearinghouse for Supervised Visitation is an integral part of the Institute for Family Violence Studies in FSU's College of Social Work.

The website served as an interactive online classroom designed to train supervised visitation providers. The website featured video clips, quizzes, resources, and a certificate of completion at the end of training. We filmed video lessons of the instructor as part of the interactive classroom. There were not many courses or certificates available online when we launched this project.

FSU College of Social Work
2001, 2003

FSU College of Social Work

The FSU College of Social Work is among the top schools of social work in the country. The website serves faculty, current and prospective students, alumni, and the community at-large.

We created their website originally in 2001, and then several years later, we relaunched with a new look and feel. The website works to increase efficiency for the College, create a cohesive online presence with maximum exposure, and circulate a vast amount of information to a broad, diverse audience. This working relationship led to multiple faculty websites for individual research projects and several online certificate programs.

Florida State University IHHSR
2000 - 2003

Florida State University IHHSR

The Institute for Health and Human Services Research (IHHSR) was a FSU research institution focusing on academic and scholarly research in the fields of sociology, social work, and economics. They are located off-campus and employee faculty and doctoral students from several related fields. Their research is primarily conducted on a state-wide level.

As a research associate, I built their first-ever website. And then later, as, we built a more robust and polished web presence for them. The interactive, all-Flash website helped the Institute achieve their goal of disseminating research findings and increasing their exposure with other researchers, funding sources, and the public. It included biographies of all faculty and staff, and outlined past and current research endeavors.

2000 - 2009

Additional Websites

Over the years, there have been numerous websites and projects in a wide variety of industries, as well as smaller projects and miscellaneous web work. Some of the additional full websites developed during the early years, from 2000 to 2009, include the following:

  • Amedeo's Italian Restaurant
  • George & Hutcheson Engineering
  • Florida State University, School of Social Work, Child Welfare Certificate Program
  • TSM Enterprises
  • Professional Insurance Agents (PIA) of Florida
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Florida
  • FAMU & University of Florida, "Lifting While We Climb" Research on Breast Cancer in African-American Women
  • Approved Mortage Associates
  • The Mortgage School
  • Pathway Wellness Centre
  • Grant-Melton Chiropractic
  • Aspirant Homes
  • ProTree Nursery Services
  • Salone IT Solutions
  • FSU & Ohio State University, Schools of Social Work, Gay and Lesbian Adoptive Family Project
  • Song Bird Audio Productions
  • RE/MAX Trinity Realtors
  • J. Bixler Conn & Associates
  • Knowles & Randolph, PA
  • Dr. Jorge Delva, FSU Professor Profile
  • Florida State University, School of Social Work, Abstinence Evaluation
  • Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, Leads Group
  • Larry McCabe Music Co.
  • Thomas Howell Ferguson
  • Lake Jackson Home Center
  • The Mobile Home Store
  • Genesis Communications Network
  • Potts Financial (Puzzle Project)
  • Ingram Accounting & Consulting
  • Ohio State University, Nothing2Lose (Research Project)
  • Glass Service Center
  • Florida State University, Institute for Family Violence Studies